Remediation Equipment for Mold Damage

By Bryce Clark

Mold remediation has to be done correctly and precisely to ensure you are getting rid of all of the mold and not just cleaning up the surface, allowing it to grow back in the future. There is specialized equipment used by professional mold remediation companies to ensure they find and get rid of the mold entirely. Some of the most common items can be found below.

Moisture Meters

Moisture monitors or meters are used to measure the levels of moisture in building materials, and can be useful for measuring the amount of water in several kinds of building materials after water damage occurs. They are also great for monitoring the progress of damaged materials which are drying. These devices include a thin probe which you insert into the material being tested, or you can press it directly against the surface of said material. Moisture meters can be used on materials like wood, carpet, wallboard, concrete and brick.

Moisture Meters

Humidity Meters or Gauges

These meters are for monitoring indoor humidity.


This is a control device which connects to your HVAC system. It can be adjusted so if the humidity level rises past a particular point, the HVAC system will turn on automatically and lower the humidity under the point that is established.


A hand-held tool, a borescope lets the experts see any potential mold problems inside crawl spaces, walls, ceiling plenums or other areas which are tight. It includes a video camera on the end of a snakelike piece that is flexible. HVAC System Filter

During remediation, high-quality filters have to be used in your HVAC system since conventional ones are usually not capable of filtering small mold spore particles. Speak with an engineer for the right filter and thinking about upgrading your filters if needed.

Also, remember to change the filters as needed, especially after any remediation activities. Take filters out in such a way that minimizes mold or other toxic substances reentering the environment.

Knowing you are finished with professional cleanup/remediation

● They’ve identified and totally corrected the source of the moisture or water problem.

● Removal of mold should be complete. Mold damage materials, visible mold, and moldy odors shouldn’t be present any longer.

● If conducted, sampling has to show that the types and level of mold spores and mold in the building are much like ones found outdoors.

● After remediation, revisit the site to make sure there are no signs of musty odors, mold growth or water damage.


Mold Damage

Bryce Clark

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